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Player Development Tryouts Info & Registration

All Ice times are at the Hazelwood Mills Ice Zone

5555 St Louis Mills Cir.

Hazelwood, MO 63042

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2023 Evaluation Dates, Times, Locations & Groups

We are excited to host the Missouri Player Development.  This year we have more players registered than ever before.  The schedule and rosters for the 2023 Missouri Player Development Festival from April 6-8 at the Ice Zone in Hazelwood, MO are listed below.

Any questions about the following schedule or rosters should be directed to Chris Durso, the Missouri Hockey Director of Player Development at 314-443-1625 or dursock@gmail.comPlease follow our twitter account for updates throughout the weekend @MoHocPlayerDev.

The format at the 2007, 2008, and 2009 birth years will be a round-robin of 3 one-hour games amongst the 4 teams and then an all-star game with teams to be picked by the evaluation staff.

For the 2006 birth year, due to registration numbers, players have been split into two teams and will play 3 one-hour games and will then join with the 2007s for an all-star game on Saturday evening.  Please note the ice times for the 2006s (highlighted below) as they have changed from what was originally posted on-line.

The rosters may be decreased and cuts made at the discretion of the evaluation staff. 

4/6/2023 Group Team 1 Team 2
2:50 PM 2006 White Black
4:00 PM 2009 Red White
5:10 PM 2009 Blue Gold
6:20 PM 2008 Red White
7:30 PM 2008 Blue Gold
8:40 PM 2007 Red White
9:50 PM 2007 Blue Gold
2:50 PM 2006 White Black
4:00 PM 2009 Red Blue
5:10 PM 2009 Gold White
6:20 PM 2008 Red Blue
7:30 PM 2008 Gold White
8:40 PM 2007 Red Blue
9:50 PM 2007 Gold White
8:00 AM 2009 Red Gold
9:10 AM 2009 White Blue
10:20 AM 2008 Red Gold
11:30 AM 2008 White Blue
12:40 PM 2007 Red Gold
1:50 PM 2007 White Blue
3:00 PM 2006 White Black
5:20 PM 2009 ASG Light Dark
6:30 PM 2008 ASG Light Dark
7:40 PM 07/06 ASG Light Dark

2023 Missouri Hockey Player Development Info

Welcome to the USA Hockey Player Development Process! Using tryouts at the local and district levels, USA Hockey selects elite players for opportunities to participate in the National Player Development Camps each year.  Athletes selected from this evaluation will earn an opportunity to represent Missouri at either the District Festival in St. Louis, MO (06, 07 and 08 birth years) or at the Central District Bantam Camp in Ames, IA (09).  Registration is now open and will close on March 29th. Fee for try outs is $85.00

Missouri Hockey Player Development 2023 Schedule
April 6,7,8, 2023 - The Ice Zone
Missouri Hockey Player Development Camp (Birth Years 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009)

The Format:  Over the duration of the tryouts, evaluators will coach & watch games between pre-selected teams in a round robin format.  At the conclusion of the round robin, evaluators will select players at the forward, defense, and goaltender positions in each age group to participate in a final all-star game to finalize selections.  Selected players will be asked to participate in the events listed below:

May 5-7,2023                                                       June 11-16, 2023
USAH Central District Boys Player Development Camp Tryouts                   USAH Central District (IL, MO, MW, WI)
2006, 2007, and 2008 birth years – St. Louis, MO                                        Boys Bantam Camp (2009’s only)- Ames, IA (Iowa State University)

Allocations & Process

At each level of the Player Development process, there are allocations given to each affiliate/district to move players to the next level in the selection process.  While these amounts vary from year to year based on a number of factors, the following is a typical breakdown of the allocations given to Missouri and the Central District through the Player Development Program (subject to change each year):

2022 Missouri Hockey Allocations

Age               Forwards                 Defense                   Goaltenders

14                            11                                            7                                              2

15                            7                                              5                                              2

16                            7                                              5                                              2

17                            7                                              5                                              2


The players selected to fill the Missouri Hockey allocations will continue on to either the District Camp at the 15, 16, & 17-year-old age groups or to the District Bantam Camp at the 14-year-old age group.  At these camps, the District is assigned an allocation to select players from the Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Midwest (IA, KS, NE) Hockey for participation in the National Festival.  Typically, an allocation for these camps would be slightly higher than the Missouri Allocation to the District Festival.

USA Hockey National Player Development Festivals


The week long sessions provide many of the United States' finest young hockey players with concentrated on- and off-ice training and instruction, as well as the chance to compete against other top players from their age group.  The process for selection to the National Festival starts here in St. Louis, and continues to the District Camp in May for the District Player Development Camp Tryouts.  At the Select 16 and 17-year-old Festivals, a team is selected for international competition to represent the USA in the Hlinka/Gretzky tournament or at a similar international event.

The 2023 USA Hockey Boys National Player Development Camps will be held as shown below



Please contact:

Chris Durso

Missouri Hockey Director of Player Development